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We provide foundation garment and lingerie with utilizing high-quality and high technique that based on the collecting female body's data of "Cousette".
Cousette is the non contact three-dimensional measuring machine STR developed.
We seek three functions for foundation garment and lingerie.
Comfortable Wear
  The wear fitted one's body gives comfortable. It needs precise measurement of the body. We have developed the non contact three-dimensional measuring machine "Cousette" for precision measurement.
We analyze the collecting female body's date and we study more comfortable fit wear.
Beauty Proportion
We have boon studying foundation garment and lingerie's patterns ,female body and analyze the collecting female body's data.
We are studying how to make patterns that satisfy leady's desire to make more beautiful proportion.
Fashionable Taste
We provide various lingerie. Beautiful, pretty, sweet, lovely, gorgeous, elegant・・・We respond leady's various fashion needs.

Ability of production
  We have OEM(original equipment manufacturing) business of foundation garment and lingerie.
We have 2 sewing factories in Japan and China.
We support design, manufacture and physical distribution.
We confidence that our products provide satisfaction for all customer .


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