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· Scans the human whole body less than 10 seconds in one pass.
· Measures no contacts the body.
· Use safe lights(IR-LED)
· Creates high-resolution 3D models.
· Measure on body automatic.

"Making Beautiful Body" is the key phrase in this development of the machine.
Good foundation garment helps women to be beautiful body.
Good foundation garment designing is based on precisely measured body shape.
The body line scanner "Cousette" scans whole body shape in one pass,and takes the body size data for making foundation garments.

Model C192
Measurement range
Height 1,700mm
Width 400mm
Breadth 480mm
Measurement accuracy
(1000mm circumference reference)
Measurement time approx 10 sec
Optical lieads 6
Output data points 65,280
Output interface GP-IB
Light source Near infra-red light emitting diodes
Power AC100V/800VA
Outer dimensions 1,600(W) * 2,300(H) * 1,590(D)mm
Total weight 350Kg
Data 3D display device DOS V machine

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